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Casey Bond

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Casey Bond is a seasoned personal finance writer and editor. Currently, she is the editor for Student Loan Hero.

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Why Big Banks Don't Want Your Business

The banking industry is a business at the end of the day, which is a major reason big banks seem to be driving off customers who don't turn them a profit....

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Where to Save Money - Best Cities for Growing Your Savings Account

Where you live impacts your ability to save money. We compared savings interest rates, unemployment rates, sales tax and more to find the best cities for saving....

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Smart Banking Is Making Modern Banks Resemble Apple Stores

Citi smart banking is just one example of how modern banks are designing branches to look like Apple stores. But will it help them survive....

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Why 10-Year CDs Make Terrible Long-Term Investments

10-year CD rates may be enticing when compared to other short-term deposit products, but investing in a 10-year CD is really a bad idea....

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How to Avoid Foreclosure When You Can't Pay Your Mortgage

What to do when you are about to become homeless....

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How to Avoid Foreclosure When You Can't Pay Your Mortgage

What to do when you are about to become homeless....

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Why Big Banks Aren't Bad for Everyone

Bank fees inspired a lot of people to move their money to credit unions, but are big banks always so bad? Here's why I stick with Chase bank....

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Money Advice for the 5 Most Awkward Money Situations

Awkward money situations can cause issues in even the most solid relationships. See our money advice for gracefully handling these financial annoyances....

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10 Factors Preventing You from Qualifying for a Mortgage

Mortgage rates today are at their lowest, but that's no help if qualifying for a mortgage isn't possible. Here are 10 things that could cause you to be denied for mortgage loans....

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Tony Robbins on How to Think Like a Millionaire

Tony Robbins is a famous self-help guru who overcame his own financial situation to become a millionaire, and can help you do the same....

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Should I Refinance? How to Save ,000 on Your Mortgage

A 30-year fixed rate mortgage is a popular type of home loan, but you could stand to save at least ,000 on your mortgage by making minor adjustments....

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31 Ways to Save Money: 0 in Just One Month

Looking for ways to save money? How would you like 31 different simple saving money tips? Here's how you can add an extra 0 to your savings this month....

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How to Find Small Home Loans of Under K: Try These Websites

There are many reasons why borrowers need small mortgage loans of less than k, but there are few lenders willing to provide such small home loans. Find out why and how you can get the funding you need....

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Will Empty Nesters and Retirees Actually Save Money by Downsizing?

Downsizing your home is tempting when you think of the potential savings, but many retirees and empty nesters find that it can be more expensive than thought....

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Study: Where to Find the Best Savings Interest Rates

Go Banking Rates surveyed the best savings rates in the country to determine which institutions are offering .75% APY or higher....